Statistics Courses

statistics courses
Price: $349.00
We would offer online courses only in person to you or your group members (when you buy a bundle of course for your friends or colleagues or team members). And each course will be taught on a web-based HD web-whiteboard system. The course contents will either be the one developed by our course instructors or the one that you bring to specialize in. The common contents include the following: Statistical Data Types, Data Presentations, Charts and Types. Measure of Central Tendencies and Dispersions, Random Variables, Probability and Rules of Counting, Hypothesis Testing based on Normal, Students' t, F, Chi-squared, Binomial Distribution, Regression and Correlation, Prediction and Forecasting. All the courses are recorded for the strudents future use and will be made available through a secure link only shared with the student. The student will be awarded with a graded transcript for the coursework and research work completed and certificates of qualification with credit hours will be be awarded. Those who opt out to the assessed examination and research, the certificate of completion will be available.