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Stata Homework Help

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We provide complete stata homework help, completed stata assignment and completed stata projects in the following areas:
    Advanced Quantitative Methods
    Advanced Topics in State Space Models and Dynamic Factor Analysis
    Analysis of Variance
    Applied Econometrics
    Approach to Statistical Problem Solving
    Biostatistics & Epidemiology Analysis
    Chi-Squared Tests of Association
    Community Project
    Cross Sectional & Panel Data
    Data Management and Analysis for Monitoring and Evaluation in Development
    Data Management
    Data Management, Analysis, and Graphics
    Data Management, Regression, Panel Data Analysis & Research Output
    Dynamic Factor Models and Time Series Analysis
    Frequency Tables and Contingency Tables
    Epidemiology and Biostatistics
    Linear and logistic regression models
    Time Series Analysis
    Logistic Regression Models: Modeling binary, proportional and categorical response models
    Longitudinal Data Analysis
    Management, Analysis and Graphics of Epidemiology Data
    MEAFA workshop on quantitative analysis
    Measurement Scales and Reliability
    Meta Analysis
    Micro econometrics
    Micro econometrics using Stata: Linear Models
    Modeling count data: Understanding and modeling risk and rates
    Multilevel & Longitudinal Modeling
    Multilevel Modeling
    Multivariate Methods
    Nonparametric Methods
    Panel Data Analysis
    Power and Sample Size
    Presenting and Summarizing Data
    Propensity Score Analysis
    Rates and survival analysis: Poisson, Cox, and parametric survival models
    Regression and Model Building
    Regression Models for Categorical Dependent Variables
    Sample Size and Statistical Power
    Stata programming
    Stata Programming and Managing Large Datasets
    Statistical Methods For Research
    Survey & Panel Data Analysis
    The Practice of Health Economics
    Time Series & Forecasting
    Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
In Addition to the above, we can also help with all Stata Homework Solutions, Stata Homework help and Solution of Stata Problems in the following:

Linear models
regression  •  censored outcomes  •  endogenous regressors  •  bootstrap, jackknife, and robust and cluster–robust variance  •  instrumental variables  •  three-stage least squares  •  constraints  •  quantile regression  •  GLS  •  more
Longitudinal data/panel data
random and fixed effects with robust standard errors  •  linear mixed models  •  random-effects probit  •  GEE  •  random- and fixed-effects Poisson  •  dynamic panel-data models  •  instrumental variables  •  panel unit-root tests  •  more
Multilevel mixed-effects models
continuous, binary, count, and survival outcomes  •  two-, three-, and higher-level models  •  generalized linear models  •  random-intercepts  •  random-slopes  •  crossed random effects  •  BLUPs of effects and fitted values  •  hierarchical models  •  residual error structures  •  DDF adjustments  •  support for survey data  •  more
Binary, count, and limited outcomes
logistic, probit, tobit  •  Poisson and negative binomial  •  conditional, multinomial, nested, ordered, rank-ordered, and stereotype logistic  •  multinomial probit  •  zero-inflated and left-truncated count models  •  selection models  •  marginal effects  •  more
Generalized linear models (GLMs)
ten link functions  •  user-defined links  •  seven distributions  •  ML and IRLS estimation  •  nine variance estimators  •  seven residuals  •  more
balanced and unbalanced designs  •  factorial, nested, and mixed designs  •  repeated measures  •  marginal means  •  contrasts  •  more
Exact statistics
exact logistic and Poisson regression  •  exact case–control statistics  •  binomial tests  •  Fisher’s exact test for r × c tables  •  more
Tests, predictions, and effects
Wald tests  •  LR tests  •  linear and nonlinear combinations  •  predictions and generalized predictions  •  marginal means  •  least-squares means  •  adjusted means  •  marginal and partial effects  •  forecast models  •  Hausman tests  •  more
Contrasts, pairwise comparisons, and margins
compare means, intercepts, or slopes  •  compare to reference category, adjacent category, grand mean, etc.  •  orthogonal polynomials  •  multiple-comparison adjustments  •  graph estimated means and contrasts  •  interaction plots  •  more
GMM and nonlinear regression
generalized method of moments (GMM)  •  nonlinear regression  •  more
Simple maximum likelihood
specify likelihood using simple expressions  •  no programming required  •  survey data  •  standard, robust, bootstrap, and jackknife SEs  •  matrix estimators  •  more
Programmable maximum likelihood
user-specified functions  •  NR, DFP, BFGS, BHHH  •  OIM, OPG, robust, bootstrap, and jackknife SEs  •  Wald tests  •  survey data  •  numeric or analytic derivatives  •  more
Resampling and simulation methods
bootstrap  •  jackknife  •  Monte Carlo simulation  •  permutation tests  •  more
Time series
ARIMA  •  ARFIMA  •  ARCH/GARCH  •  VAR  •  VECM  •  multivariate GARCH  •  unobserved-components model  •  dynamic factors  •  state-space models  •  Markov-switching models  •  business calendars  •  correlograms  •  periodograms  •  forecasts  •  impulse-response functions  •  unit-root tests  •  filters and smoothers  •  rolling and recursive estimation  •  more
Survival analysis
Kaplan–Meier and Nelson–Aalen estimators,  •  Cox regression (frailty)  •  parametric models (frailty, random effects)  •  competing risks  •  hazards  •  time-varying covariates  •  left- and right-censoring, Weibull, exponential, and Gompertz models  •  more
Bayesian analysis
thousands of built-in models  •  univariate and multivariate models  •  linear and nonlinear models  •  continuous, binary, ordinal, and count outcomes  •  continuous univariate, multivariate, and discrete priors  •  add your own models  •  adaptive Metropolis–Hastings sampling  •  Gibbs sampling  •  convergence diagnostics  •  posterior summaries  •  hypothesis testing  •  model comparison  •  more
Power and sample size
power  •  sample size  •  effect size  •  minimum detectable effect  •  means  •  proportions  •  variances  •  correlations  •  ANOVA  •  case–control studies  •  cohort studies  •  contingency tables  •  survival analysis  •  balanced or unbalanced designs  •  results in tables or graphs  •  more
Treatment effects
inverse probability weight (IPW)  •  doubly robust methods  •  propensity score matching  •  regression adjustment  •  covariate matching  •  multilevel treatments  •  endogenous treatments  •  average treatment effects (ATEs)  •  ATEs on the treated (ATETs)  •  potential-outcome means (POMs)  •  continuous, binary, count, fractional, and survival outcomes  •  more
SEM (structural equation modeling)
graphical path diagram builder  •  standardized and unstandardized estimates  •  modification indices  •  direct and indirect effects  •  continuous, binary, count, ordinal, and survival outcomes  •  multilevel models  •  random slopes and intercepts  •  factors scores, empirical Bayes, and other predictions  •  groups and tests of invariance  •  goodness of fit  •  handles MAR data by FIML  •  correlated data  •  survey data  •  more
Multiple imputation
nine univariate imputation methods  •  multivariate normal imputation  •  chained equations  •  explore pattern of missingness  •  manage imputed datasets  •  fit model and pool results  •  transform parameters  •  joint tests of parameter estimates  •  predictions  •  more
Survey methods
multistage designs  •  bootstrap, BRR, jackknife, linearized, and SDR variance estimation  •  poststratification  •  DEFF  •  predictive margins  •  means, proportions, ratios, totals  •  summary tables  •  regression, instrumental variables, probit, Cox regression  •  more
Cluster analysis
hierarchical clustering  •  kmeans and kmedian nonhierarchical clustering  •  dendrograms  •  stopping rules  •  user-extensible analyses  •  more
IRT (item response theory)
binary (1PL, 2PL, 3PL), ordinal, and categorical response models  •  item characteristic curves  •  test characteristic curves  •  item information functions  •  test information functions  •  differential item functioning (DIF)  •  more
Multivariate methods
factor analysis  •  principal components  •  discriminant analysis  •  rotation  •  multidimensional scaling  •  Procrustean analysis  •  correspondence analysis  •  biplots  •  dendrograms  •  user-extensible analyses  •  more
Nonparametric methods
Wilcoxon–Mann–Whitney, Wilcoxon signed ranks, and Kruskal–Wallis tests  •  Spearman and Kendall correlations  •  Kolmogorov–Smirnov tests  •  exact binomial CIs  •  survival data  •  ROC analysis  •  smoothing  •  bootstrapping  •  more
standardization of rates  •  case–control  •  cohort  •  matched case–control  •  Mantel–Haenszel  •  pharmacokinetics  •  ROC analysis  •  ICD-10  •  more
Data management
data transformations  •  match-merge  •  import/export data  •  ODBC  •  SQL  •  XML  •  by-group processing  •  append files  •  sort  •  row–column transposition  •  labeling  •  saving results  •  more
line charts  •  scatterplots  •  bar charts  •  pie charts  •  hi–lo charts  •  contour plots  •  GUI Editor  •  regression diagnostic graphs  •  survival plots  •  nonparametric smoothers  •  distribution Q–Q plots  •  more
Graphical user interface
menus and dialogs for all features  •  Data Editor  •  Variables Manager  •  Graph Editor  •  Project Manager  •  Do-file Editor  •  Clipboard Preview Tool  •  multiple preference sets  •  more
23 manuals  •  12,000+ pages  •  seamless navigation  •  thousands of worked examples  •  quick starts  •  methods and formulas  •  references  •  more
Basic statistics
summaries  •  cross-tabulations  •  correlations  •  z and t tests  •  equality-of-variance tests  •  tests of proportions  •  confidence intervals  •  factor variables  •  more
Other statistical methods
kappa measure of interrater agreement  •  Cronbach's alpha  •  stepwise regression  •  tests of normality  •  more
statistical  •  random-number  •  mathematical  •  string  •  date and time  •  more

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