Econometrics Consultancy

freelance econometrics
Price: $699.00
Reference: ECOSULT1516
Econometrics is the key skill that our freelancer have to help the clients from academic and business community for their projects in research. Our freelancers are qualified academics and experts in various specialization in theory of Economics and have been trained from world class universities in Econometrics and computing for Econometrics and Data Analysis through Stata, SPSS, Eviews, R, Matlab, Minitab, RATS, SAS and Gretl. Our freelancers in Econometrics provides a complete solution to each of our client with a complete support through online training and writing complete tutorials. Our main areas of specializations in Econometrics to offer help to business community get their forecasting and predictive models as efficient as possible with all the latest techniques and academic researchers in their projects with optional co-authorship and reduced prices include the Econometrics Analysis of Time Series and Panel Data and all the related techniques and validation approaches.