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Econometrics and Statistics key modules to learn most of the Applied Research in Economics, Finance, Business and Other Sciences offered at advanced level with theoretical and applied concepts in Econometrics and Statistics using Stata, Eviews, R and Matlab. The students can also request specific research based online courses in Multivariate Statistics using SPSS.

Data Analysis

Online Courses in Data Analysis using Stata, SPSS, R Programming, Python, RATS, GUASS, MPlus, Minitab, Matlab, Gretl and Eviews.


Online Courses in Econometrics, Applied Econometrics, Advanced Econometrics, Time Series Econometrics and Panel Data Analysis.

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Online Courses in Statistical Inference, Probability and Statistics, Business Statistics, Statistics for Economics and Research.

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Stata NetCourses

Register for Stata NetCourses in Econometrics and Stata NetCourses in Statistics. Stata NetCourses in Econometrics include online courses in econometrics, online courses in time series analysis, online courses in panel data analysis, online courses in advanced econometrics, online courses in applied econometrics, online courses in applied research using econometrics and online courses in financial econometrics. Stata NetCourses in Statistics include online courses in statistics, online courses in applied research using statistics, online courses in business statistics using Stata, online courses in quantitative analysis using Stata, online course in multivariate analysis using Stata and online courses in advanced statistics using Stata.

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Stata NetCourses

Register for Stata NetCourses in Econometrics, Stata NetCourses in Statistics and Stata NetCourses in Data Analysis.

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SPSS Online Courses

Register for online courses in SPSS for Advanced Statistical Inference, Quantitative Analysis using SPSS, Multivariate Analysis using SPSS.

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Eviews Online Course

Online courses in Eviews include advanced econometrics of panel data using Eviews, online course in time series analysis using Eviews.

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Features of Online Courses in Econometrics and Statistics

eLearning AnEconomist offers online courses in Econometrics and Statistics with the following objectives in mind for each of our participating candidate...

Personalized Contents
Personalzied Lecture Schedule
Personalzied Research Projects
Personalzied Data Analytics
Certificates and Examination
Research Supervision and Feedback
Freelance Research Assistance Positions

Once our participating candidates complete the course, it is expected that each of our student will be able provide the same standard in data analysis, research writing and feedback to the community to dissiminate the knowledge and contribute towards the welbeing of society and students who need any further learning.

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