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Learn Econometrics Online

eLearning AnEconomist provides completely private and instructor led Econometrics Courses with complete practical data analysis, writing high impact thesis, writing publication quality research articles or business/industry reports.

All courses are certified, verifiable and fully customized with contents by students who enroll with us.
Learn Econometrics Online


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Econometrics and Statistics Softwares You will Learn

All our courses are offered with practical data analysis and writing of interpretation using these softwares and we ensure each student specialize in these key Statistical Softwares
Stata Courses


Learn Econometrics Online with Stata for complete data analysis and report writing. 
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SPSS Courses


Learn SPSS with courses in Applied Statistics and Quantitative Analysis
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Eviews Courses


Enroll for Financial Econometrics with Eviews to learn and practice data analysis
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SmartPLS Courses


Partial Least Squares Regression is offered with SmartPLS for data analysis
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PhD Thesis Writing

eLearning AnEconomist has been providing completely private, customized, instructor led and fully online courses in Applied Econometrics, Advanced Multivariate Statistics and Quantitative Analysis.

Our students are required to write their PhD Thesis during the assignments for the online course in Applied Econometrics and Multivariate Statistical Analysis using Stata, SPSS, Eviews, SmartPLS, RATS and GAUSS.
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elearning aneconomist is leading online course provider in applied econometrics research and quantitative analysis

Course Contents of Selected Modules

These topics are mentioned for elaboration only. You are recommended to prepare the list of topics you would like to master in your proposed course as we believe in private and instructor led courses should be fully customizable

Advanced Econometrics

Functional forms, estimation of function using statistical data, linear regression models, logistic regression, tobit regression, probit regression, multinomial logistic regression, poisson regression, negative binomial regression, zero inflated poisson regression model, testing hypothesis using regression model, assumptions and tests for regression models, modification of functional forms of regression, model specification, omitted variables bias, endogeneity, two stage regression, GMM.
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Financial Econometrics

Simple linear regression model, assumptions of linear regression models, autocorrelation and partial autocorrelation, heteroskedasticity, clustered residuals, auto regressive models (AR), moving averages (MA), ARMA, ARIMA, ARIMAX, ARCH, ARCH in Mean, GARCH in Mean, DCC GARCH, CCC GARCH, CDCC GARCH, EGARCH, mGARCH, pGARCH, tGARCH, Threshold Regression, Markov Regime Switching Regression, Event study, Abnormal returns, Cummulative abnormal returns, forecasting
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Panel Data Analysis

Pooled ordinary least square regression, fixed effects regression, random effects regression, within effects, between effects and population averaged regression models, Hausman test, testing autocorrelation or serial correlation in panel data models, heterskedasticity in panel data models, multicollinearity in panel data models, endogeneity and weak endogeneity (Stock and Yogu test), two stage least squares regression models, instrumental variables, gmm, unit root tests for panel data, var and cointegration for panel data, mg and pmg. 
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Time Series Analysis

Ordinary least squares regression, autocorrelation, Durbin Watson statistic, Spurious regression, dynamic regression model, unit root tests, single equation cointegration, error correction models, vector autoregressive models, multivariate test for cointegration using Johansen-Juseleus test, vector error correction models, auto regressive distributed lag models, nonlinear auto regressive distributed lag models, pooled mean group estimators, asymmetric causality, nonlinear ADF, cointegration with multiple breaks, structural VAR and structural breaks VECM. 
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eLearning AnEconomist

eLearning AnEconomist provides completely private and instructor led online courses in Applied Econometrics Research, Advanced Multivariate Statistics and Quantitative Analysis
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