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Econometrics and Statistics key modules to learn most of the Applied Research in Economics, Finance, Business and Other Sciences offered at advanced level with theoretical and applied concepts in Econometrics and Statistics using Stata, Eviews, R and Matlab. The students can also request specific research based online courses in Multivariate Statistics using SPSS.

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Features of Online Courses in Econometrics and Statistics

eLearning AnEconomist offers online courses in Econometrics and Statistics with the following objectives in mind for each of our participating candidate...

Personalized Contents
Personalzied Lecture Schedule
Personalzied Research Projects
Personalzied Data Analytics
Certificates and Examination
Research Supervision and Feedback
Freelance Research Assistance Positions

Once our participating candidates complete the course, it is expected that each of our student will be able provide the same standard in data analysis, research writing and feedback to the community to dissiminate the knowledge and contribute towards the welbeing of society and students who need any further learning.

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Feedback from our Students

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Pakistan Election 2013 - Statistical Analysis
Client: ProfessorCalgary 
Feedback Comments:
“Theconometrician was an excellent colleague on this project. He is a EXTREMELY knowledgeable about a wide variety of statistical topics and packages. His turnaround time was perfect and he is highly responsive and also adaptable. He made some suggestions and alterations to my own project plan which improved it immeasurably. I highly recommend this professional for future statistics and econometrics-related work.”
— Client

Endogeneity tests for a model (Heckman, 2 SLS, Hausman) - I pay very well!
Client: ITEM_Signorelli  (9 other reviews completed)
“Anees is an expert in statistics he is very knowledgable and very responsive and very patient. I am absolutely statisfied with his work. He is a very good teacher and can explain difficult statistical questions in an easy way. I would recommend him to every colleague or friend who has statistical questions. ”
— Client

Econometric Consulting (Not visible to public)
Client: Amerigoves  (35 other reviews completed)
“Anees did another excellent job! He is very communicative, and able to help in every way. Anees produces a very high caliber of work and is very well versed in Econometrics, Big data, Data anlysis, and modern technologies such as Rstudio, Eviews, and Stata. I highly recommend him for any data work you may have. ”
— Amerigoves

Econometric Consulting (Not visible to public)
Client: Amerigoves  (35 other reviews completed)
“Anees Did another amazing job, this is my second time working with him. He is extremely polite, responsive, and knowledgable about the subject matter. Anees speaks english perfectly and is very easy to work with. I would highly recomend Anees. He is a true professional. If you need any Econometric, Eviews, or statistical anlysis done, Anees is your man.”
— Amerigoves

Eviews Consulting (Not visible to public)
Client: Amerigoves  (35 other reviews completed)
“Anees Did a great job! Very responsive from the start to finish of the project! Very efficient and knowledgeable of the subject. I highly recomened him to anyone needing an econometric/Eviews expert.”
— Amerigoves

EViews statistics work - stock market data
Client: welrifai  (58 other reviews completed)
“Fast, highly communicative, and very skilled... I'll definitely work with this contractor again!”
— Client

Statistical analysis of data sequences
Client: OutputLogic  (29 other reviews completed)
“I'm very satisfied with the outcome of the project. It was completed much quicker than was originally scheduled and at high quality. ”
— OutputLogic

Teach me macroeconomics
Client: npapppas  (11 other reviews completed)
“Again, no comments. absolutely perfect”
— Client

Teach Me Microeconomics
Client: npapppas  (11 other reviews completed)
“by far the best freelancer in economics. veeeeery satisfied”
— Client

help me write business forecasting report
Client: psjason1  (10 other reviews completed)
“He was friendly and provided me with a high quality work”
— psjason1

Time Series Forecasting
Client: psjason1  (10 other reviews completed)
“Solved the project in a timely manner. Highly recommend”
— psjason1

Ad hoc econometrics support
Client: rororororo  (15 other reviews completed)
“Good job by Anees as always and very flexible. Thanks. ”
— rororororo

Validating/testing co-integration between 2 assets (Not visible to public)
Client: Zh4oliang  (8 other reviews completed)
“Anees is an expert on the subject of econometrics and goes the extra mile in producing the required work”
— Zh4oliang

Stata analysis assistance
Client: adamsheha2  (60 other reviews completed)
“Anees is a very skilled and knowledgeable econometrician. He helped me get through some technical work I could not have done on my own. He maintained clear communication throughout the project and made himself available after the project to assist me with areas that continued to trouble me. An amazing freelancer and an awesome person. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!”
— Client

Stats job
Client: yuechenz  (8 other reviews completed)
“Very good work. Will hire again.”
— yuechenz

Econometric Analysis to find the Causal relationship between 3 variables
Client: jrsayer  (4 other reviews completed)
“Muhammad A. has been great. Very helpful and proactive, and extremely patient with all of my questions. I would definitely recommend him. ”
— jrsayer

Help needed with graduate level statistical analysis class using MS Excel
Client: jharris32  (3 other reviews completed)
“Does Good Work”
— jharris32

Teach me Statistics
Client: classicalman7  (17 other reviews completed)
“A pleasure to learn from. First class instruction. Thanks a lot! :)”
— classicalman7

Write script in R to conduct statistical analyses
Client: hamaicons  (28 other reviews completed)
“Executed the work exactly as needed and within the agreed upon time frame. Regular communication and progress reports with timely answers to questions. Recommended.”
— hamaicons

Teach Me Logistics Regresion
Client: classicalman7  (17 other reviews completed)
“Excellent! First class instruction. Thanks a lot! :)”
— classicalman7

Teach me International Finance
Client: econometricsclass  (2 other reviews completed)
“He provides a very professional service. Very easy to communicate in terms of availability. My job included high academical level/econometrics models and a good level of programming associated with it. He produces an excellent job in such stringent deadlines. I will absolutely work with him again.”
— Client

Teach Me Corporate Finance
Client: econometricsclass  (2 other reviews completed)
“Very professional service. I am amazed that he could produce this work in such stringent deadlines. He did my work as its his own stuff. And my stuff includes high academical level/econometrics models. I am definitely going to work with him again. ”
— Client

R Programmer
Client: classicalman7  (17 other reviews completed)
“I appreciate Anees' courtesy, friendliness, timeliness, knowledge, and professionalism. I recommend him to others who wish to work with him.”
— classicalman7

Learn Economics 2
Client: slr445  (7 other reviews completed)
“Very pleased with his work! Will def work with again!!!”
— slr445

Learn Economics
Client: slr445  (7 other reviews completed)
“Very smart and intelligent economic adviser and consultant. Will definitely work with again!”
— slr445

Data analysis - expert in Nvivo 9
Client: steve-tan  (3 other reviews completed)
“This man is very punctual, polite and professional. I will definitely hire him again and I also highly recommend him”
— Client

Training in Econometrics
Client: desertfox2012  (11 other reviews completed)
“great work. thank you!”
— Client

Assist me for phd
Client: rororororo  (15 other reviews completed)
“Excellent and prompt work on time series! thanks a lot!”
— rororororo

MATLAB: Testing the Random Walk Hypothesis
Client: AlexArlovski 
“I am very satisfied with the responsiveness of Anees. Communication was not a problem at all - whenever I had a question, I always got a reply very quickly. What is also important is that the project was completed way before the deadline and up to a very high standard. Very pleased.”
— Client

Testing random walk hypothesis
Client: valzer  (8 other reviews completed)
“Very very good work. He responded my questions immediately and he worked with me with consistency and professionalism ( + high level of skills). I would definitely work with him again. ”
— Client

Statistical Analysis
Client: gdemery  (14 other reviews completed)
“Awesome Job on the statistical analysis chart!”
— gdemery

SPSS Script for Calculating a Simple Moving Average
Client: DrEMG 
“Very very nice work. Address my need and provided me with extra insight to keep me moving in the direction I am heading. I would absolutely use his expertise again, if needed.”
— DrEMGFinancial exposure model

Client: Placer
Feedback Comments:
“theconometrician started off the modeling project strongly. He had some good ideas to refine what I had already created. However, he made few changes to what I had done and then in subsequent iterations actually began to create formula errors that hadn't previously existed. With a deadline nearing and the project no closer to completion than at the first milestone, I ended the contract. Theconometrician was very polite and tried to help but I think this project was outside of his expertise.”
— Placer


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