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Launching Online Courses
by Muhammad Anees - Saturday, May 3, 2014, 11:36 AM
Welcome to eLearning AnEc,

After a couple of months to develop our backend system, we are pleased to help you learn all modules related to Economics, Finance, Statistics using R, Stata, Matlab, RATS, GAUSS, and Gretl.

The courses will be based on the following systematic delviery. I am sorry for the unavailability of any demo online here but dont worry, if you want, I will definitely give you in person demo based on the system to evaluate before you book your course with us.

Now book your course in one of the following broad fields with any of the given computer application.
  1. Applied Microeconometrics
  2. Panel Data Analysis
  3. Applied Macroeconomics
  4. Time Series Analysis
  5. Advanced Econometrics
  6. Qualitative Data Analysis
  7. Basic Econometrics
  8. Advanced Microeconomics
  9. Advanced Macroeconomics
  10. Macroeconomic Modelling
  11. DSGE Systems

The courses can be taken with a selected computer application from

  1. R
  2. Stata
  3. Matlab
  4. SPSS
  5. Eviews
  6. RATS
  7. GAUSS
  8. Gretl

While Qualitative Data Analysis is offered with Nvivo10.

To register for the course and booking a demo before booking, please send us an email to or connect with us on Skype. To connect on Skype, we will accept your request if you quote: eLearnAnEcSkype in your message.

Also note, it is advisable to to send your course outline if any from your school to learn or ask us to deverlop the outline for you.

The course completion certificate will be awarded to those who complete the course contents and pass the post course essay by employing a technique and developing a publishable article.

Many thanks for your visit to our course portal.

Best Regards

Muhammad Anees

Assistant Professor

Statistical Consultant and Freelancer

Picture of Muhammad Anees
Now Book Live Demo Here
by Muhammad Anees - Monday, June 17, 2013, 11:24 PM
We Are pleased to announce to give you a first trial demo on our local portal here.

We have started partnering with and will work to bring more innovate systems to teach and collaborate for promotion of learning and education.

Please send us an email if you need more details.

Picture of Muhammad Anees
Time Series Econometrics using Stata and R
by Muhammad Anees - Friday, June 14, 2013, 05:03 PM


Time Series Data is frequently evaluated by faculty and professional researchers to deduce short and long run relationships, to test the trends and volatility, to find any nonlinearities in the relationships or finding any eventual factors affecting the nature of relationships and hence all of the above conditions as affecting the power of their forecasting power. The course introduces and develops from basic to the advanced techniques to deal with different types of time series data, whether low frequency (yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly) or high frequency (daily or hourly), identify the exact model to apply and hence deduce the exact relationship for forecasting purposes. Furthermore, the course will help the audience to develop advanced Econometric modeling skills also applicable in a range of areas from Economics to finance, from social to political sciences, from energy to environmental sciences, education and health sciences.


The course aims to achieve the following goals:

1. Introduce you the basic econometric methods for time series data

2. Introduce you to advanced techniques to deal with these models and their application

3. Introduce the use of Stata and R more rigorously for time series models

4. Provide a detailed introduction to latest theoretical development and applications

5. Provide extension of developed models to new areas of research


Completing the course will enable you to:

1. Learn how to use a model suitable for specific type of data

2. Learn how to evaluate a model if suitable for a type of data

3. Distinguish the modeling strategy between different types of data

4. Know the features of Stata and R for time series modeling, estimation and forecasting

5. Learn to Write and Report Results for Papers, Theses and Dissertations


The course is developed for the following groups:

1. MS/PhD Students in Economics, Finance, Statistics and Other Social Sciences

2. Academic Researchers of Universities and Colleges

3. Researchers of R&D and Policy Research Organizations

4. Research Officers of NPO and Social Organizations

5. Consultants, Trainers And Policy Analysts

6. Management, Exectives of Marketing and Social Research Organizations


100 place in total available for 5 groups of 20 participants. Groups will be formed on the basis of fields of studies and research. Please fill the registration on


· Topic 1: Stationary Time-Series Models

· Topic 2: Testing for Trends and Unit Roots

· Topic 3: Modeling Volatility

· Topic 4: Multiequation Time-Series Models

· Topic 5: Cointegration and Error-Correction Models

· Topic 6: Nonlinear time-series models


The course fee is £500. 15% discount fee will be charged for each member of a group of registrations up to 5 participants. Groups of higher than 5 registrations will be discounted by 30% for each participant.

Supporting Material

The learning materials include EBooks, examples of MS Excel documents and related lecture materials will be provided in form of datasets.


There is Test, Assignment after each Week. Passing this will enable you to request for PASS certificate of the course mentioning your topics, assignment topics, grades in tests and assignments. Hard Copy of the Certificate will mailed at additional £10 to any destination across the world. If you do not need to request your certificate in paper, no charges are applicable. Soft/Scanned copies will be provided free of cost via email and downloadable from course portal.

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